Yesterday and today have been wonderful.  God is so good!  The bedroom and sleeping arrangements have not been an issue.  Jet-lag is till working itself out however.  Theodore was up this morning at 3:30 AM ready to play.  Needless to say we are all very tired.  We were able to keep him up until about 8:00 PM tonight.  Our hope is that he is fully adjusted in another day or two (or I’ll have to begin taking afternoon naps).

I have posted a few pics to sum up our first couple of days as a family united as six.  Enjoy them.  Over the next couple of days I want to post on the following topics while they are somewhat fresh in my head: “The People of Ethiopia”, “The Places of Ethiopia”, “The Food of Ethiopia” and “Why Ethiopia for Adoption?”

I am sorry for not responding to every comment to every post while in the Big E.  Our computer time was limited and I made it my priority to keep the blog updated.  I do want to thank all who have commented and are reading for your support and most importantly your prayers.

I do have to issue one editorial correction/clarification.  Michelle informed me that I did not give proper credit for the backpacks and their contents.  The backpacks were actually the brain-child of her mother Connie and her sister Terri.  So, thank you Connie and Terri – they were not only a huge success with the children they were lifesavers at many points throughout our trip.

Look for a few more posts this week as time and memory allows.  We experienced much and have already learned much and would love to share with all of you.  Peace and grace for today…